If you would like to:

  • work on plans of a house, which will be built
  • get to know and apply the most advanced technologies, gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of ecological architecture
  • work together with mechatronic engineers, IT students and designers on the house
  • learn how to work in a group, bring responsible decisions, communicate with other professionals and companies
  • compete your talent against students from Delft, Porto and Japan in front of a Pritzker Price jury

? than you should join us!

We are looking for talented, enthusiastic student for variable tasks. The competition lasts until June 2012, but everyone can become a member, who is until the end of this academic year student/ PhD student of the university. Currently there are 20-30 team members, but during the project we have the opportunity to expand the number up to 100 students.

Now we?re looking for prospective team members for the following tasks

Architectural design:

Do you like designing? Interested in sustainable architecture, technological solutions of future? Then here is the never coming back opportunity to gain a kind of knowledge during your studies, which will be really beneficial later on.

We need approximately 3 students to complete the initial planning team. You can apply for these positions; details will be published later on the blog and at the presentation. Our goal is to find the most suitable people, who are really interested in the project and able to empathize with the topic. Naturally we aren?t expecting perfect and accomplished plans, your way of thinking and the design skills are important as well. We will choose the right people on the basis of applications, portfolios and personal interviews.

We would like to create a well-functioning, hard-hitting design studio with the participation of creative students. We need people who are familiar with Archicad and Photoshop. If you enjoy modelling, it can be enough. Even better, if you?re confident in the usage of 3D programmes, rendering nicely or maybe you love taking photographs. So there?s no need to be excellent in everything, the important thing is to be a good team.

We?re waiting for you on the Thursday?s presentation!

housing  urbanism vb 7 12  We are looking for new enthusiastic team members!

Documentation, photography, video:

If you?re keen on photography, familiar with film-making, here, in our project you can show your talent to the world. In the following one and half-year the introduction and documentation of the team?s work is an important task, because it will be the first impact about us. Creating suitable videos and photographs for team image is an exciting and creative task.

Application: solardecathlon@bme.hu, Subject: Application


We?re looking for people who can assist in the internal and external communication. If you feel, that you can help in the organization of the team work, or you would like to write articles, edit our webpage or blog, feel free to apply.

Application: solardecathlon@bme.hu, Subject: Application

Ha szeretnél:

- olyan házon dolgozni, amit meg is építünk.

- megismerni és alkalmazni a legkorszerűbb technológiákat, átfogó ismereteket szerezni az öko építészet területén.

- mechatronikusokkal, informatikusokkal, formatervezőkkel együtt dolgozni egy házon.

- megtanulni csapatban dolgozni, felelős döntéseket hozni, más szakmák képviselőivel, cégekkel kommunikálni.

- összemérni tehetséged delfti, portói, japán diákokkal, egy pritzker díjas zsűri előtt,

?akkor köztünk a helyed!