The examination period is over, and we can proudly say that everybody fulfilled successfully this endless month. Usually after that, students write on the board the word VACATION, and everyone starts to organize the summer holiday. But here the situation is different; everyone has more free time, no schoolwork, so we can work harder to achieve our not so distant goal, the completion of our house.

We have more than 10 months until the Madrid finals, but we are working hard; we can?t rest if we would like to win. And why would 30 students working together, if not for victory? For this reason, we held a meeting with an office inauguration (yes, our new office is ready, painted, renovated), where Adrian and Balázs briefly reviewed the achievements and report about the experiences in Barcelona.

Mr. Zoltán Rostás lecturer also attended our meeting ? as he said ? to become the coach of the team. He will help us, to transform our team even more professional, organized and goal-orientated and we could work on the highest efficiency as a team.

And what we think about working in summer? In the renovated office, with such a great team and in good community it will be one of the most exciting and full of experience holiday ever.

Let?s get it started!

photo 1 First meeting in the newly renovated office photo 3 1 First meeting in the newly renovated office photo 8 First meeting in the newly renovated office