Thanks to the management of the university at the beginning of the semester we got a third-floor room (Room K363) in the Central Building of the university to form our new headquarter, where teammates can meet, working on the plans, hold meetings and relax after hard work.

Of course, the room needed a thorough renovation to meet everybody?s expectations. A lot of work had been waiting for the team, but everybody was really enthusiastic.  Despite of the myriad of exams our team members took up paint brush and broom in order to the room-facelift will be ready as soon as possible and form the room into a real office. After the plastering, painting and cleaning we purchased the necessary chairs and tables, and from the contribution of members it had been transformed to a homey and comfortable office. Slowly everything finds it place in our office in order to continue our work at summer. From now on, not only virtually but physically we can work shoulder to shoulder to get through the challenges of the competition.

We were really delighted because last week?s team meeting were hold in our brand-new office. Everyone was pleased with the outcome and our most ardent workers also received a little surprise, an SDE T-shirt. We would also like to say thank you the other helpers as well, because without them we couldn?t continue our work in such a beautiful place at the summer.

photo 22 New office in the heart of the University Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. photo 52 New office in the heart of the University