Siemens is committed towards innovation, to make the world a place where people, nature, high-tech development and tradition can coexist next to each other. In order to strengthen this effort, the company organised a conference, which took place in the Hilton Budapest. We heard many interesting presentations about the sustainable and liveable urban planning. Experts from different disciplines discussed about the possibilities of the realization of this dream world; Mr. Dale A. Martin, CEO of Siemens Hungary and Ferenc Herbert, expert in the field of solar cells also took part in the conversation. During the conference we had the opportunity to present the Odooproject; our presentation was held by Tamás Varga, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Balázs Zeitler.

The main sensation of the conference was the Siemens-developed electric car which was built in a Porsche car-body and introduced in Hungary, for second time in the world. After the conference five lucky participants were selected, who had the opportunity to test the capabilities of the car. One of the lucky ones was our teammate Adrian Auth.

We would like to say thank you once again for the invitation to this Siemens event!

lc3a1nyi c3a1dc3a1melektromos porshe Odooproject at the Siemens Sustainable City Conference