Szilárd M. Tempfli

Student of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), 5th year degree, Architect

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1. Why did you join the project?

After the first team member recruitment, as I was waiting for the elevator, I met with Imre Miskolczy, who presented the Solar Decathlon competition. He wanted me to be part of the team and gave me a business card, if I?m interested in I should contact him. I went home and searched for the Solar Decathlon competition.  Needless to say, I liked it, so I did as he said, I contacted him. So this way I became part of the team as one of the structural designers of architecture team.

2. What are you doing in the project right now?

There is always something to do. Last summer I had an internship, so I participated in the work only partially. After I finished my internship, I was able to take part in the 3rd delivery in September. Since then, I continuously work from week to week along with other team members. Currently we are working on the improvement of our own-invented structural nodes to which we carry out thermal bridge simulations with Kata Kovács. Thus, the behaviour of the structure can be examined and corrected from thermal aspects before the installation. At the moment we are working on three types of structure: pillar wood, pillar steel and laminated solid wall structures. I can?t wait the construction phase of the competition, this is the best part of the work, see, how our plans become reality.

3. What do you expect from the future? What are you doing besides the project?

I expect many things from the future, but now I?m striving to build my future. Now, I prepared two essays for the Scientific Student Conference, and I would like to write articles as well, because my big dream is to follow my studies on the PHD training. On one hand I would like to deepen my knowledge in a given field, on the other hand I would be happy to educate students, and during the PHD training both would be possible. In addition, I participate in the research work of the Building Construction Department, which deals with the renovation of houses with protected facades. Moreover, I take part in various estimate works, ranging from social rented houses to monasteries, mansions and churches. Most recently, I took part in the estimation of the Podmaniczky-Széchenyi mansion in Aszód. In the distant future I would like to get a Master degree in Archaeology and a building structure and conservation specialist engineering training. This September I wanted to enroll in a culinary school, but I realized that I have lots of things to do so I postponed it for next year.

4. In your opinion, how will we participate in the competition? What do you think, what is the most difficult part of the project?

Based on the feedbacks, the rest of the teams spoke about our house with appreciation. Because of this, I think we?re great. In fact, I know. We work hard for victory, which is not easy, but if we do for it, we can win. If not we will be the first, then we can say that we have gained lot of experience, which we can use in any area of life and will work to our advantage.

5. What results and merits have you achieved during your studies, tell me about it.

My first semester at the university was really bad. Everything was strange and big, but I survived. From the second semester I got used to the university life and since then everything goes smoothly. I have never failed on any subject, I hope it will be in the future as well, and I can finish my studies on time. Last year I wrote an essay for the Scientific Student Conference and I got the modest third place. Now I submitted two essays with my colleagues and I hope we achieve good rankings. This year I get scholarship from the state (Republican Scholarship) and from my faculty as well. So far, I publicised an article in ?Hungarian Construction methods?, with the title ?Family houses renovation options?.  As I mentioned I participate in the research work of Building Construction Department, where I also make thermal bridge simulations.

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