As a first step, about 200 students participated in DTU?s Solar Decathlon 13-week innovative idea and design-courses in the spring of 2011. The interesting ideas were collected and discussed twice in June in a framework of a three-week workshop, where the manufacturing partners were also invited. The first occasion was on 19th March that was led by about twenty experts, who lectured on a wide scale from mobile houses to life-cycle analysis. As a result seven ideas were created by 28 students in groups of four. Furthermore, a research team determined the internal and external overlay?s material, and deal with the structural system of the house.

The students? work included in programming, management, building information modelling, architectural design, indoor and energy engineering, structural engineering. The key aspects of competition are innovation, usage of sustainable building materials and structures, marketability and easy workability for the future. The participants looked for the answers in four working groups in the following themes: Green energy, Solar energy and dynamic components, Green businesses, Life cycle analysis and building materials.

The participation in Solar Decathlon gives opportunity for students from multi-disciplinary areas to combine architectural, engineering and other skills; they can follow the project from concept to completion, work together with major Danish corporations and present their concept on several professional event and international trade fair.

On the mock-up exhibition in June in Barcelona visitors can view the mock-up of DTU?s Team that builds from logs, has articulate and modernist-shaping and there is a specific coordinated handling of windows.

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