As the different divisions of our team finish the lion?s share of design, then we can begin most of our tasks, namely the completed systems link and interconnection. As long as they don?t accomplish their work, we work on minor, but very interesting projects.

Currently a new switch family on the drawing board, which essence is that with touching natural materials, such as wood, and with making certain movements ? so called gestures ? we can control the lighting system of the house. There?s no need to tilt, push or twist the switch, it?s enough if you just approach your hand, and the mechanism recognises your gestures. The electronics and the sensors are perfectly hidden in the front side of the switches, so their presence doesn?t diminish the user experience. Now we are working on the prototype, only finishing touches have left, and if everything goes according to the plans and doesn?t show up an unexpected problem, then we will present it with a longer summary and photos.

As slowly the final internal design evolves, we can start dealing with the details of lighting. This is a very difficult task, as we need to make compromise with several divisions of the team, because everybody wants to choose the light sources according to their own aspects that is the best for his/her division.

In addition, if in the next few weeks we manage to sign a contract with a prestigious company, we can begin work on the building automation network.

Follow our blog, because as we move forward, we find more and more interesting things that we definitely want to share with You!

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