The communication team is rarely gives news about itself, because you can meet with our work in many places and read as well. Despite all of that, we thought we give you a little information about what is we doing recently in the background.

Our new website is under construction, as we reported not so long ago. This week we cleared the final content of it. Our graphics ? Péter Orbán and Dániel Nagy ? are doing the final graphical touches on the website and send it to our web programmer, Gábor Németh. According to our plans we can present the new webpage with our new image in mid-August. It is just the beginning of a series of changes; at the end every communication channel will get its new outlook. So you will feel the change on our blogs as well.


If we are talking about web pages, than we need to mention our new pride, the internal website. We created it for a streamlined internal communication. On next Tuesday at the general team-meeting we will present the ready version. The folder systems reflect a quick and convenient handling. We created it, in order to every division have an own surface, where they can store their documents. It also helps in the smooth functioning of internal communication, every team mate and consultant can inform about the others work with the help of this page. This week we made a decision that we are taking advantage on the new image and design new flyers. It?s kind of a brochure, where the main role is on mood pictures. The pictures for these limited number brochures are provided by Márk Szőke. The plans about the content are concretized continuously. Currently we are looking for press to realize our ideas!

If we are talking about plans and ideas, we need to mention, that in our next, third deliveries we have to present our communication schedule for the whole competition. This included in exhibitions, conferences, print and online media where we would like to present ourselves, for example: Dezeen, TEDx, HVG, We see opportunity in holding workshops to popularize our activities within the university and beyond.

This was our situation report!


Communication Team


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