After a short vacation and the team building in Pákozd, it?s time to begin the tasks that still ahead of us. So this week we held a team meeting, where every division presented what progress they have made recently, and what is need to be done until casino online the next deliveries in early September and during summer.

The important aspects of the architecture division are transportation and construction. Because of the size limits how and in how many pieces should be useful transport the building. They have spoken about the pre-production possibilities of the various structural elements, that would result in less on-site work and fewer errors can occur.

The electrical engineers carry out the solar cell production simulation. They presented the current daily and monthly production data. The next task of the division is to select the appropriate energy storage technology.

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The management section of our team is currently dealing with the renewal of our website. The website gets a totally new look, that will be available soon. In addition, we create an internal webpage as well, which helps to share the information and allows a more effective internal communication. Odooproject is available on many social media platforms, where we always serve with up to date information about our team. Besides the online media we had several appearances in the press, we were invented to various professional events, conferences; and we also participated in a radio interview.

Mr. Zoltán Rostás also attended the meeting, he is our mentor, or as he likes to say, our coach. In his presentation he spoke about the possibilities of industrialization and mounting; about the planning of the elements and the principles of module-coordination. He also gave us organizational proposals. In detail, covering every division, he demonstrated what is needed to be done to a successful project and provided many good ideas.

This kind of team meetings are always very helpful, because then we can see the progress of the whole project, what the other divisions do and what tasks still await us. There is still a long way until the Madrid Finals, but with undiminished enthusiasm and determination we continue our work over the summer as well.

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