Another project of our university BME has gained success yesterday, it is time for open up some champagne  for the team-members of CubeSat, who built and innovated (or still innovating) the first Hungarian satellite -which is so small can fit in your hand. It?s called Masat-1, which is an abbreviation derived from the words magyar (Hungarian) and satellite. On Monday 11 am it was launched from French Guiana  into space by the European Space Agency (ESA).
Congratulation to the persistent work of CubeSat team, whose members we got to know by person on the
Cristmas celebration at the uni, hopefully Odooproject will have the same reputation soon!  Hungarian satellite launched

The success of the Masat-1 may open a new chapter to Hungarian aerospace industry and science -we read in newspapers. You can follow the track of the mini-satellite on the official website of CubeSat!

Photos: Dávid Czifra (CubeSat)

masat Hungarian satellite launched