It?s official: Siemens is the main sponsor of Odooproject. A formal contract was made yesterday morning, at the private Chancellor?s room in Central building. The sponsorship agreement was signed by  Martin A. Dale the president and CEO of Siemens Hungary and Dr. Gábor Péceli, the rector of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

Our faculty and Odooproject attended the event on behalf of Dr. Dean Gábor Becker, Tamás Varga DLA, consultantant teachers and  the team leaders. Also a speech took apart by János Bencsik , Climate and Energy secretay of the State.

Siemens can provide multiple support to the team: beyond the financial support and providing some appliances to the house (especially in building automation, electrical systems), we could exploit their professional contacts and attitude. Martin A. Dale  said that Siemens, a company which offers world?s largest environmental portfolio  (in wide range of issues, including energy saving solutions) favours a prior attention to our project and cheers for our success.
Although formally the Odoo-house was presented to him the first time in his short inspiring speech, Mr. Dale showed his sympathetic attitude and genuine interest of our work.
With the completion of the ?business? there was nothing left just a pleasant chat in the company of ODOO-mignons (mini cakes), where the team members and consultants told the chief executive and the secretary of State the plans for the future.

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At the event, a number of photographers and journalists took part, giving it high publicity. Some of the articles:

U.S. Department of Solar Decathlon  (EN)

Budapest Business Journal   (EN) (Hungarain News Agency) (Architects? Forum) (Stockmarket Forum) (Green Future) (Governmental webpage)

Photos: Balázs Danyi


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