Thursday was a milestone in the project’s life, since before that, behind the tall fence of the area of the construction hall, nobody could see the Odoo, except of course those who have been building it for weeks. Therefore, it was the time to show what we spend our sponsors money on, and what we’ve been doing for the whole summer. In this special occasion, joint with our main sponsor Siemens Zrt., we held a visit and a press conference. We invited our sponsors, and our mentors and supporters from the university, since without the sponsors and the university, there would be no house at all. We sent invitation to the press as well, who came in nicely large numbers with video cameras, journalists and photographers.

s02 Siemens Odoo reception

Before we would have shown our main attraction – the house – we held the press conference inside our hall. Nicely set (and delicious) catering and red cloth chair rows created such an unusual atmosphere in this hall, where you can literally smell the 120 years, metal and oil. It felt like a huge loft or a shooting set for a chamber drama. Nobody likes long and boring speeches, but luckily there was no such thing, our three speakers shared meaningful, and a few touching thoughts. We’ve been building together this dream for 2 years now, so it was the right time and place for being a little emotional, even though it’s still not the end.

Our first speaker was dr. Attila Aszódi, the vice rector of our university said „The right and chance to attend this competition is a significant result on its own. We all must be really proud of the team’s hard work and professionalism, and this house, full of innovative technologies.”
Dale E. Martin, CEO of Siemens, our main sponsor stressed: Odoo represents Siemens principals all over the world: innovation serving continuous development, dissemination of renewable energies, the responsible thinking of reducing environmental damage, and the professional quality of all the students and participants.

s03 Siemens Odoo reception

On behalf of Odooproject, Balázs Zeitler project manager summarized the events of the past two years, and thanked all the support and trust that were lent to us, we have that to thank for standing where where we are right now.

s04 Siemens Odoo reception

It is known that our house is tiny, so we couldn’t show it to all of our guests at the same time, we had to guide them in smaller groups. Since we are in the middle of construction, they had to watch the wooden sheets and other materials around carefully, but we think they didn’t mind, because they focused on the guides, and asked so many questions that the decathletes couldn’t even answer as quickly as the questions were coming.

Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. s01 Siemens Odoo reception

We had a really pleasant time, we were happy to show something to the audience that turned out to be our passion, and sensing such a strong attention and interest. It was a special appreciation of our work.
Anyway, it’s not that far when we will have to start disassembling the building, and before that, we wanted to show our house to the wide public. We’ll share information of a public visiting day soon, here on the blog and on our Facebook.

s05 Siemens Odoo reception