It’s difficult to handle this topic without being cheesy, or write a dry newspaper note, but somehow we must announce the very first and only Odoo-wedding in our team!
Unfortunately we can’t say that the couple got together because of the Odoo, but Odoo hasn’t let them getting apart, that’s for sure. Zsuzsi and Árpi, both in the building construction team, have been working together for the past year, they got up in the morning with Odoo, they spent their days in 8-10 hours odooing in the office, on conferences, exhibitions, and meeting with companies, then finally in the end of the day they went to bed at night with Odoo as well. The wedding plans were made in the shadow of constructional drawings, sometimes a wedding dress peeked from behind a facade cladding drawing, but a few minutes later it had to disappear. Sigh, and the show must go on…

foto01 Long Live The Newly Wed Couple!

With this way of living, the wedding couldn’t have happened differently. The groom woke up early in the morning on the wedding day, and hurried to the construction hall to check on the construction, he couldn’t have said the big yes without being sure that everything’s fine and organized on site. Well, the rest of the team expelled him out of the hall. Luckily Odoo didn’t steal him from his own wedding, which finally turned out such a lovely, peaceful event, surrounded by family and friends, a happy, Odoo-free day. Afterall the honeymoon destination was the hall again, it seems to be a “from hall to altar-back to hall” kind of wedding…
Anyway, we hope they don’t mind that much, because we are all proud of them and grateful for the work and the sacrifice they have made for the team.

We can’t make up for their honeymoon, but at least we can wish them happiness and success, here on the blog as well.

Long Live The Newly Wed Couple!

foto02 Long Live The Newly Wed Couple!

foto03 Long Live The Newly Wed Couple!