The Odoo took another step towards its realization, as the doors and windows were built in this week. The windows and doors of Reynaers play key role in the energy efficiency of the building. We chose the products with excellent quality, high thermal insulation capacity and precise fitting, in favour of the successful results on the contests. The profiles produced by Reynaers were fitted by ALUKOL Homlokzattechnika Kft, the windows and doors arrived to the construction site on the 20th July, and the assemblage was made by Besides the proper choice and the fabrication, the professional installation was just as important as the earliers. We had to pay attention to avoid thermal bridges, to guarantee air tightness and the correct drainage. The special three-layer glazing will be installed later. The representatives of Reynaers Hungary and the ALUKOL Homlokzattechnika Kft visited the house, we guided them on the site and showed them the construction. We are honestly pleased for their work, help and support tend to the success of our project!

Árpád Áts

photos: Szabolcs Pálfi DSCF36271 Doors and windows took their place DSCF3629 Doors and windows took their place DSCF3635 Doors and windows took their place DSCF3637 Doors and windows took their place DSCF3682 Doors and windows took their place