A new sponsorship agreement process arrived to the point where signature was made last week: thank to the contribution of Gábor Hertelendy commercial manager, the Sika became a silver-level sponsor of Odooproject.

P1080569 Sika on board!

The Sika group has been in Hungary since 1993, their profile contains the isolation, agglutination, acoustic isolation of building structures. With appropriate isolation we can reduce costs of maintenance and renovation because it decreases the damage caused by temperature changing, and aging of the materials. At the same time the functionality of the internal spaces can be increased, such as safety and the comfort as well. Sika emphasizes the safety of structures: the concrete and steel elements are highly and durably resistant to weather, chemical effects, fire etc.

Innovation is one of Sikas’ priorities as the key feature of continuous improvement and growth. Their sponsorship policy draws attention to innovation and environment consciousness – that’s the reason they consider relevant to support projects like ours.

P1080565 Sika on board!