The automation of Odoo

In the part of our artcile-series we present the autimation system of the Odoo. The automation has important role in the life of the house and its inhabitants in many ways:  increases comfort level, security  and maximize energy efficiency.

render The story of two years of work in five chapters, 3rd chapter

An important aspect of the design is to provide the most convenient solutions with maximum energy efficiency. Therefore the  residents can check the house at any time, during worktime, or being abroad, via their mobile phones. They can switch off  a light, set the desired temperature, but also can receive an instant message if an unauthorized intruder is present in the house. For details later, now a little more about the whole automation system.
Could not ignore the demand that the most user-friendly system should be installed, and this is the EIB / KNX. The acronym stands for  world standard which means that different circuits and systems – such as lighting, shading, cooling and heating of the building, observation, sound, multimedia, and entry – must be able to communicate with each other. The multi-platform system can be controlled via many devices:  smart phones, tablet, touch screen, any interface using internet. The participant devices communicate with each by a so-called “ bus”, or data line, on which as equal partners exchange information.
Further positive results of this decentralized system is the distributed intelligence, in which all the members are connected to each other, but are not depending on them. If a device fails to work the others still continue to operate without error. On personal demand new elements may be added to the system.

The relationship between house and inhabitants

The system can be reached/ intervened in three ways: by the switches, as usual, by touch screen and  with internet access virtually anywhere, using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
The traditional solution is the most familiar to people, so by all means it has its place in the Odoo aswell. The switch allows to operate one item at a time. In this case the communication is one-way – we give orders, but we do not get the information about the chosen unit.
The touch-screen is the main interface to manage and control all the needed functions of the house. Through it we get information about the state of the house, external environment and current value of the components of the BAS (Building Automation System). So by using this feature we are constantly awawre of the electricity and water consumption, solar cell production, etc,  also we can check the recorded later.  The touch screen allows multiple elements to be reached, even/ either switch on or off all the lights, adjust the temperature of individual rooms or chech the state of the shading screens.
There’s no need to explain the advantages of a far reaching system installed – during our travels or worktime we may adjust the operations of the devices and also we’ll be warned by any unusual movement, activity or error.
Automation is reasonable option not only for the security but also for boosting energy. We may pre-set the temperature and the conditions of the house timed exactly on our arrival, we can define daily usage patterns due to energy saving, or simply switch off the lamps forgotten lit.


The Odoo automation works on two levels: first is the perception that examines the circumstances and defines the necessary and desirable conditions – the gathered information later forwarded to the decision-making units. The second level is the decision to be implemented in practice.
For the detection of information – towards the bus- is a one-way exchange, while the implementation of the commands received from the bus happens in several directions.

abra The story of two years of work in five chapters, 3rd chapter

Operation of the sub areas

The control of light sources, of course, can be done manually by switches, touch screen or using the remote control, but with the help of some settings the lightning of the house can be regulated automatically. With various metering devices the system can maintain a constant level of illumination. The shielding is a more complex process because it is depending on the not-so-predictable weather conditions. In bright sunlight the blinds automatically pull down thus protecting the building from excessive warming. However, if the weather is too cold or windy, blinds the stretch in security position. Apart from this, of course manual control is possible.
The cooling and heating of the house provided by two basic sources. The first is air-to-water heat pump which provides the domestic hot water and has its own control – in general circulates hot or cold water according to the outside temperature ; in case of shortage refills hot water.
The second is a passive method using solar cells: In summer, during the nights the solar panels got to be cooled by watering them with the warm water gathered during the hot days. This way the circulated water also getting chilled, so we use it daytime for the house’s heating system. In winter, the cold water get heated by the captured solar radiation and by circulating it the house shall be heated also during the nights.
The ventilation and the humidity level of the house controlled by an air handling device which delivers the treated air to the appropriate room with the help of dampers and butterfly valves.
The automation system also helps the water saving: the in habitants may check any time the water consumption and levels of the water tanks.