We’re happy to welcome our new member of our supporting sponsor team: Osram ensures the best lighting in Odoo, which is quite significant, because lighting has a special role during the contest week: it’s a special task to do every night. During the conversation – while the contract signature was made – we could spoil our new sponsors with great news: the structure is in the hall, the engineers are installing the engineering units, and we already scheduled an appointment for the Osram visiting the hall in August. The contract was signed by Miklós Bittera, and Osram communications was represented by Szilvia Jankovics.
Each new support pushes us forward in our work, and gives new energies, we’d like to thank the trust!

Photos: Ádám Szekér

IMG 4630 Osram supports Odoo

IMG 46371 Osram supports Odoo

IMG 46501 Osram supports Odoo

IMG 46611 Osram supports Odoo

IMG 46701 Osram supports Odoo