Student of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), 3rd year Bsc degree, Mechatronic Engineer

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1. Why did you join the project?

When I first met with the project, what I like the most that it is a whole (fully completing the mean of the word ?whole?) planning task. As much as I would like to get an exercise during Mechatronic Engineering BSc that is about a real-life design challenge mostly everything went around textbook examples. Those kinds of works make me happy, in which we need to follow the task from the conception to final implementation, and the Solar Decathlon just offers that: I can take part in a design exercise, where with the students of the university?s five faculties we dream a full house from the beginning, collect the financial and other sources and then we build it. For me this is both an incredible opportunity to learn and gain experiences in my profession and teamwork; and is also a dream-like possibility, where I can unleash my imagination and some of my ideas might come true and the general public can see it at the competition.  During the common work I gain inside into the works of other disciplines, widen the horizon in the various fields of engineering and economic sectors, thanks to the sponsors I can contact with industry players, learn how to negotiate and work with them. Although, we don?t receive any payment for our everyday work, I believe I couldn?t find a more profitable activity besides the university.

2. What are you doing in the project right now?

As the member of the Mechatronic Team with other divisions along we are working on the building automation system and the lighting, and we also design the mechanical systems that require unique mechanisms and moves. I always eager to participate in designing such structures, but I?m interested in most the user interface of the house?s control. As we started planning from the foundations we had the opportunity to re-interpret the details of such things that already have existed in everyday life. So we started thinking how man (residential), house and HVAC system can establish a unit that simultaneously provides a cosy home-reliance and the most modern comfort requirements and don?t seem to be a crowded house fully packed with gadgets.  As the result of the re-interpretation we created a concept that in consistent with the interior design gives new shape and feature to the building automation system. We try to hide the latest touch-gesture-based technologies behind natural materials like wood in the spirit of being at home.  Our goal is to everyone enjoy the expected comfort without to see the enabling mechanical and automation systems. Soon you can read details on our website, the first prototypes are ready and work, and I?m looking forward to our ideas really appear and operate in the house, as we imagined.

3. What do you expect from the future? What are you doing besides the project?

In relation with the project and our new system I have some secret waiting in the post-utilization. I?m really curious whether our ideas really added to the house, how the audience will welcome it, and in case of a successful welcome, there will be any possibility to use this concept in other buildings, as a new product or to appear as an optional installation on the building automation system?s market. Of course, my current goal is to bring in such forms our switchers and the interaction surfaces that they can be safely integrated into the house. Initial success would be if the sponsors and the relevant professionals are satisfied with it, but the ultimate goal is to achieve success in the competition, which could allow the survival of the concept. Besides the project, I live my life, playing tennis, I love travelling, and as a recreation I?m happy to leave behind the technical line and visit an exhibition, go hiking or cycling.

4. In your opinion, how will we participate in the competition? What do you think, what is the most difficult part of the project?

I think the key to success, how we can put into reality what we imagined. I think, based on the current plans we look forward to good prospects, but the remaining work still holds a lot of obstacles. First, if we think in larger, the greater should be our wallet, and now in Hungary is not easy to find deep and available pockets. Bottleneck could be the time, we are not sure if we can cram everything what we want into the remaining one year. Moreover, we can run into professional problems, which cure also take up a lot of time. Besides, I believe that we have a great team with plentiful imagination, and if we manage to revive the plans without compromise, then we will be able to show something new to the world, and I?m confident that we will be among the bests.

5. What results and merits have you achieved during your studies, tell me about it.

As a third year student, this is my first greater movement in the university, until yet, I could look back to my high school activities and my studies in the university. And I can be proud of it! Our deans said there?s no unnecessary knowledge, everything we have learned once can be in our favour. With agreeing this sentence I find important the obtained knowledge, and as a result, I got scholarship in every semester and I?m on the way to get my diploma with honour at the end of the next semester. My high school years didn?t passed with the foundation of my technical studies; I attended the Waldorf, an alternative art high school, where besides the millions of art and crafts lessons I took part in social practises and several projects. In the 12th grade, I got the main role in our one and a half hour drama presentation, and over the years from publication design to video editing I learned a lot. Overall, I?m glad that I came to the university far from the technical area, and I hope that my wide-ranging experience can affect my work in the project as well.

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