Student of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), 5th year Bsc degree, Business Administration and Management.

zeitler balc3a1zs 2 OdooFace: Balázs Zeitler

1. Why did you join the Odooproject?

I joined the project last summer, if I remember correctly as third or fourth, Adrian mentioned it during a common holiday that he needs somebody, who arranges finances. Because I love challenges and seemingly impossible things from that day I?m an active organizer of the team.

2. What are you doing in the project right now?

Briefly, I deal with everything that helps the team to build the house here and later in Madrid. This means that I?m looking for funding opportunities, trying to build valuable connections for the team and carry out the task of an average project manager. I try to draw attention to the shortcomings, enforce deadlines and above all, try to make sure that everybody in the team is on the same pace.

3. What do you expect from the future? What are you doing besides the competition?

I would expect from the future to come a little more slowly! Otherwise, I?m one of the few in the team, who don?t really understand anything, so I don?t have valuable knowledge about these technologies; my strength lies in solving problems. I think I?m going to work in financial field, but that is changing faster at me than seasons?Until last year I do active sport, I taught martial arts, but unfortunately I had to give it up because of an accident.

4. In your opinion, how will we participate in the competition? What do you think, what is the most difficult part of the project?

I?m sure that if we can build the house, we will win. As an economist, of course, the scarcity of resources is considered to be the bottleneck of the project. So from my viewpoint, the hardest part of the project is to raise sufficient amount of money and meet the ?investors? expectations.

5. What results and merits have you achieved during your studies, tell me about it.

I always had good results but I never considered these educational outcomes significant, by which, a man can be judged. I?m proud that during my Kung-fu coach career I have carved man from older people and that in Israel I was an active member of a self-sustaining Kibbutz community. Besides, in the first three years of my university studies I built my own existence as a subcontractor of a financial institution, which of course left its mark on my academic record at that time.

This project is important to me, because I believe in that someone will be successful if he/she does things that others think to be impossible. And this is only possible with harmonious teamwork.

odooproject balc3a1zs zeitler OdooFace: Balázs Zeitler