Visit us on April the 23rd (Monday) in the main hall of building K, where you can marvel at the life-size frame designed by Odooproject for the international innovational contest called Solar Decathlon.
The Odoo-installation also accommodates the exhibition “Sustainability from architecture to vehicle technology,” where you can get to know electric and pneumatic cars in real life, not part of Odooproject.
Check out -among others- the winner of the IV. International Rexroth Pneumobile Contest, the Optimus Plus Special Award and Audience Award, the pneumobile ‘Road Runner’, and the electric car of BME FRT FSE, which, despite being a relatively new project, got to participate in the 2011 Green Marathon of Torino on the first try, where they were ranked sixth out of seventeen contestants. The electric car of team ‘Tomato’ is being prepared passionately for the forthcoming IV. Bosch Electromobile Contest, come and see how that’s working out for them.

The members of Odooproject, the Road Runner, the Tomato and the Formula Racing Team are happy to talk about their project, and about the sensation of creating something really outstanding. Come and ask away!

photo 1 Sustainability from architecture to vehicle technology

photo 2 Sustainability from architecture to vehicle technology