Workshop and exhibition
16-20 April 2012

Odooproject hosts the most spectacular event on the ?Week of Creativity? workshop

The Week of Creativity is an annual week-long event of the Faculty of Architecture, BME, when all the architect students (from every year and class) -instead of regular courses- participate in unusual and creative workshops led by professionals and artists from different artistic fields. Each workshop is a one week project, based on a specific topic. During the week, the students create something palpable presenting their topic such as an installation, a video, or basically any kind of work of art.

At the end of this creative process, the collection of all these objects are shown in an exhibition held in the most representative scene of the university, the Main Hall, and on the gallery of every floor.

The workshop led by Odooproject will be held in the Main Hall during the whole week from the 16th to the 20th of April. In a short day, around 50 students assigned to our program, the team is full, work can start on the 16th of April!

The students will build the frame of Odoo house in real size, which will actually be the place of an other exhibition: the best works of the international urbanistic design contest: REA (Réseau des Écoles d?Architecture). This year it?s the 16th annual reunion of the Network of Educational Institutions of Architecture (REA), the annual topic is ?Sustainable redevelopment of historic city-centers in Europe.? Since it?s an international organisation, several visitors are expected from all over Europe.

   On the 20th of April, 11.a.m, the Week of Creativity Exhibition will be officially opened by the dean of the Faculty of Architecture, and hundreds of students of completely different faculties, professionals and journalists will visit us that day.

 Photos: Bal?zs Danyi

MG 0205 1 Week of creativity 2012 (Alkotó7)


MG 0214 1 Week of creativity 2012 (Alkotó7)


MG 0222 1 Week of creativity 2012 (Alkotó7)


MG 0230 1 Week of creativity 2012 (Alkotó7)


MG 0234 1 Week of creativity 2012 (Alkotó7)


MG 0238 1 Week of creativity 2012 (Alkotó7)


MG 0246 1 Week of creativity 2012 (Alkotó7)


MG 0190 Week of creativity 2012 (Alkotó7)


MG 0241 Week of creativity 2012 (Alkotó7)