Here you are some photos of the Construma 2012. Odooproject’s decathletes await the visitors on the fare in two pavilons in two different boothes: one is in A pavilon 204/A booth, the other is D pavilon 105/h booth. We gained these boothes by the help of Siemens and the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association.
This year the Construma’s main theme is sustainability and eco awareness, so that’s why many companies regarding solar energy usage, solar cells and collectors were presented. Eventhough Odooproject isn’t a company offering products or services, it fitted in the crowd. On the “professional days” we had many meetings. We are very pleased to note that on the “public days”, many visitors told us they had heard (read) already about us.

MG 0775 Construma 2012

MG 0828 Construma 2012

MG 0858 Construma 2012

MG 0859 Construma 2012

IMG 5540 Construma 2012

IMG 5794 Construma 2012