The 1:1 scale Odoo model set up in the main hall of the central building is not only a showcase of the students’ work, but also a much more formal venue for events such as the contract with Rosenberg Hungaria Kft. Rosenberg is a company for manufacturing and marketing air handling equipment,  HVAC components,  ventillation system and parts. Due to our agreement, Rosengerg provides us unique, specific house air ducts and air conditioning equipments which we need. Furthermore for a professsional result they provide start-up specialist for us for the building work in Hungary and also for the building site in Madrid!
At the event, on behalf of the Rosenberg Zoltán Szekeres and József Szekeres took part, on our part dean, Dr. Gábor Becker,  Tamás Varga team faculty advisor, Rita Pataky and Csaba Szikra were involved. We are pleased to welcome in the list of sponsors Rosenberg Hungaria Kft, the Odooproject thanks you for your support!

MG 0606 Contract signed with Rosenberg


MG 0610 Contract signed with Rosenberg


MG 0605 Contract signed with Rosenberg


MG 0600 Contract signed with Rosenberg Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.


MG 0585 Contract signed with Rosenberg