The team is working constantly on the project, and meanwhile we?re trying to spread the fame of the competition (and our team?s as well). As part of the contest, one of the tests is (out of 10) communication, which also included in appearance in the press. In this week we made the first steps towards successful media coverage. We are on the front-page of two professional website. These feedbacks give us more energy to continue. You can also send us energy!

Here you can read the article of ?építészfórum? (it?s a webpage for architects):


and the kitvalasszak.com (?who should I choose.com?) has taken over the above mentioned article:


As they wrote, the world?s eyes are really on us. Please spread the word about the competition and about the first Hungarian team, read our blog, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter!

We hope, that in the future you can read more, such a great articles about us.