The most recent media appearance of Odooproject was at the Budapest conference of TetőAkadémia (“Roof Academy”) which was held at Central Building of BME. The conference in generally is about special roof technology solutions, this year’s keywords were sustainable development and energy-awareness. In the case of Odooproject we didn’t only exhibit the whole concept of the Odoo house, but an emphasis is placed on the integration of solar cells on the shallow roof and on the south wall.
At the conference, between the popular lectures visitors could tour around the booths where could meet our decathletes from the building construction and communication team. There were a lot of student visitors during the day, we quickly ran out of brochures. Klára Máté, the chief editor of Magyar Építéstechnika (our new mediapartner) also visited our booth.

Photos: Ádám Szekér

IMG 5321 Roof Academy 2012
IMG 5439 Roof Academy 2012


IMG 5392 Roof Academy 2012


IMG 5368 Roof Academy 2012


IMG 5365 Roof Academy 2012


IMG 5286 Roof Academy 2012


IMG 5467 Roof Academy 2012