We are glad to announce that we have two mroe official mediapartners:

Magyar Épületgépészet  (Building casino online Services in Hungary)
This journal which jubilates his 60-year anniversary is the main theoretical and practical journal of the Hungarian designers, contractors, investment managers, facility managers, tentiary education institutions, teachers and students. The journal has also published two articles about us written by Attila Erdős  mechanical engineering team leader. One is about generally the house Odoo (2011/2012) and one is about especially the ventillation system (2012/3) – read the online extracts here and here.

The Construma is Hungary”s International Building Trade Exhibition which takes place once a year at the Hungexpo Fair Center. On the upcoming Construma from April 18-22. Odooproject also gained opportunity to exhibit.
To the architecture students of BME it”s highly recommanded to attend this venue, but now as we”ll also participate it has became obligatory! :) Look for us at pavilon D! As a little teaser here you are the image video of Hungexpo embedded.

The whole project thanks our mediapartners the support and opportunity to spread our word!