As we could read on website of SDE an their own facebook page the Dutch team from the Technical University of Delft withdraws the competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, in which they participated with the pioneering ReVolt House project.

For details by reading through their official nouncement we learn the cause was lack of financial support:

“This decision was taken after careful consideration. Failed to provide adequate external sponsorship and funding to sponsor the design of a floating solar house to be actually built. [...]

Due to the practice in construction, they could only start building when 80% of the funding was obtained. Although ‘more or less’ about half of the total amount of 800,000, – Euro is achieved, this is still insufficient basis for the project further. The recession in the construction industry affected many companies revoke sponsorship.”

We are overwhelmed by the news about ReVolt House, on the behalf of our entire team we are sorry for their withdrawal.
revolt 920 ReVolt House withdraws SDE 2012

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