Do you know TED?

Of course you know, it?s so fun! TED ?s filosophy: Ideas Worth Spreading. This non-profit organization devoted to inspire people by giving short (approxiamtely 20, precisely 18 minutes long ? who knows why? ) and enjoyable presentations in various themes through conference-like events. Then they share it online in high-quality videos  (thanks to the hundreds of volunteer translaters usually with subtitles), some of them are viewed by more almost 7 million people (! ? like this), so it really worths a scroll (a personal favourite is by designer Ross Lovegrove).
TEDx are independant TED events created with the same spirit. This year?s TEDxYouth@Budapest theme was the ?the creative genious? where among issues about contemporary musical experiments, gerilla street artists, freestlye football, coaching also Adrian Auth gave a presentation which focused on the innovations, the pioneer work of Odooproject (integrating the Solar Decathlon competition to our university) and the process of forming and maintaining a students? community. Official videos are still being cut.

Photos: Ádám Szekér


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IMG 0580 TEDxYouth@Budapest

IMG 0689 TEDxYouth@Budapest

IMG 0635 TEDxYouth@Budapest

IMG 0619 TEDxYouth@Budapest