Joakin Perez and Moises Hidalgo, architecture students from ITESM Campus Tampico, Mexico contacted us related to their course environmental sustainability in the faculty.
Currently we are working on a project which involves a presentation of a sustainable house from the Solar Decathlon. Needless to say we went over all the top 15 projects from which we liked yours the most: the concept, functionality, area division and development of the project really caught our attention.”
40 Odoo in Mexico
Our transoceanic colleagues asked for information, drawings and pictures about Odooproject and prepared their presentation and a model in a scale 1:50. Probably it’s the most effective way of learning: when you have to teach you must understand what you’re talking about. They explained the basic design strategies and engineering solutions of the project, while the whole story was demonstrated on the model they made based on the documents they received from us.

It’s just a monochromatic model, we tried to emphasize the path of the Sun to project the shadows made by the walls.”

50 Odoo in Mexico
From now on we can say: there’s an Odoo in Mexico!
Great job, guys, thank you for choosing Odooproject!