The members of the Odooproject received praise from the BME’s rector for the work of the last 2 years and our results in Madrid. Last week Thursday’s event was attended by Dr. Gabor Péceli rector, Dr. Gábor Becker, dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Tamas Varga, DLA, educational vice-dean and the team’s faculty advisor.
At the ceremony the team members – students and consultant teachers aswell – were called one by one to take their ‘diplomas’ or commemorative card in the recently refurbished faculty public hall.
Now we have came back from Madrid more than a month ago so the ceremony had a slightly nostalgic atmosphere; later everybody was engaged in the unimpeachable fun of taking team-photos, as shown below. During the afternoon, it has been said many times, “be proud of yourselves!” and we were so. We finished the event with the usual “Go Odoo!” cheering which echoed in the hall and the hallway!

IMG 9008 1024x575 The Rectors praise

IMG 9058 1024x575 The Rectors praise

IMG 9046 The Rectors praise

IMG 9044 The Rectors praise

IMG 9031 1024x575 The Rectors praise

IMG 9062 1024x576 The Rectors praise

IMG 90132 The Rectors praise