Finally it seems to come to an end: the Odoo is ready, and it will be standing at the same place for a good while. Since June, we have been assembling, disassembling, traveling, and then starting it all over again. We already started to feel that this is a never-ending process, when the opening ceremony closed an era, and opened a new one in the life of the house. The ceremony itself took place in the library of our university – the perfect place to celebrate education, research, and innovation.

Dr. Gábor Péceli rector, Tamás Varga DLA, Adrián Auth student team leader dedicated their opening speech for science, education and teamwork. But with no doubt, the main reason for our guests to come was actually the house – which was busy with visitors until closing time at 6 PM.

And with the house standing at the campus, our intention is to remind the next generation of students and the teachers that to learn, research and cooperate is rewarding.

We wish you lots of Odooproject!

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It seems like there”s no difference between this picture and the earlier ones made in Madrid: the same house, and the same many-many people interested in our work.Thank you all! (Photo: Balázs Danyi )

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From the terrace, instead of the Spanish Palace we had the great view of the electric race car of Formula Racing Team BME (BME FRT FSE) Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.