Future Home ExhibitionOur team has found it always really important to get to know new ideas, technologies and market representatives as well. That’s why we visited the Future Home Exhibition in the Millenaries Park.

This exhibition was not only for professionals, they also kindly welcomed the general public, who are interested in the opportunities of future’s houses.

In the focus point of the exhibition stood the renewable energy resources systems; several solar cells and solar thermal system manufacturers represented themselves. Among the stands we found manufacturers who make domestic septic tank or thermal insulation as well.  There was a company, which undertakes the design and construction of passive houses, too.  Besides energy-efficiency automation of the house and house-devices plays an important role nowadays. This trend was reflected in the exhibition, two companies offered such network for supervision, monitoring and control of apartments, hotels and industrial facilities.

Besides the professional part of the exhibition there were other housing-related design exhibitors: paper furniture, modern multimedia, special household utensils, water purification machines, neck massager, and a beautiful sport car in front of the houses of future, which was of course a hybrid.  Future Home Exhibition