Departure 08.22

Almost two months ago we wrote a blogpost about the miracle of an actual house turning out from the two-dimensional paper existence of the plans.  It was obviously a touching moment of the project, but as the construction was going on and the house was growing and increasing this feeling became stronger day by day. However, our latest experience overwrote everything we’ve ever felt. When the engine of the truck roared, the house started shaking and this giant monstrum begun to move and it was rolling next to you,  all the happiness and the suffer of the past 2 years just flashed in front of your eyes …

On the surface nothing special happened but a technical speciality: the trucks started to move, and from that moment it took an hour or even more to navigate them out from the construction site, inch by inch, turning always in the proper angles, reverse and forward, dodging for an hour slower than you walk, with such a low vehicle altitude you can barely see.  And when finally they got out to the road ont he street, they speeded up so quickly,  disappeared in a minute.

Now they are on their way to Madrid, and for this trip we all need to cheer or pray or send positive energies, beacuse afterall it has to arrive and be the awesome house on the competition, as we imagined.

Photos of the night (Szabolcs Pálfi)

DSCF5544 Departure 22.08.DSCF5551 Departure 22.08.DSCF5572 Departure 22.08.DSCF5588 Departure 22.08.DSCF5596 Departure 22.08.DSCF5634 Departure 22.08.DSCF5649 Departure 22.08.DSCF5656 Departure 22.08.