Student of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), 4th year BSc degree, Energy Engineer

 1. Why did you join the project?

At that time I was really went into the study of different cooling methods. Through friends, who were already in the team, I got to know that they could use a man who is familiar with these things. So I was informed about the competition in this way and I would like to try my theoretical knowledge in practice and it seemed an extraordinary opportunity.

2. What are you doing in the project right now?

Currently, we are working on the design of the mechanical system. It contains the selection of different devices and the optimization of the operation. We are also searching for the different heat pumps? usage opportunity. In addition, we try to purchase a custom-made heat pump that can be customized completely to the house?s needs.

3. What do you expect from the future? What are you doing besides the project?

I would be pleased if this University-wide collaboration stays together after the project, because I find the work of such high-qualified students, who are among the best in their own area very inspiring. Unfortunately, I?m pretty busy in these days, because I?m involved in several other works besides Solar Decathlon so I don?t always have time for those who deserve it. Of course, I try to spend as much time as I can with my loved ones, and if I have a little free time I worship to my passion, the archery.

4. In your opinion, how will we participate in the competition? What do you think, what is the most difficult part of the project?

I think in any case we will finish on a very good place in this competition. As a justification I can only repeat my previous answer. The bests from their own area of expertise are here in the project and with the usage of this knowledge and creativity I believe that we can create a really great house. I find the most difficult part of the project is the cooperation among the various fields. Everyone visualises a plan that he/she need to get across on others imagines. Of course, this will result in a house that will be acceptable for everybody so we can get the most out of the house.

5. What results and merits have you achieved during your studies, tell me about it.

Maybe what I?m most proud of is my achievements at the age of 18. I really love physics and that time I dealt with it quite a lot of time so at the Physics OKTV I reached the 7th place. In the same year I won the first price on the Leó Szilárd Physics Competition (the subject of the competition is nuclear physics) in Paks. Besides, I have had other achievements as well but I most proud of the above mentioned. But I?m sure if we can build the house, get out to Madrid and carry through the competition, regardless from the place this competition will be what I?m most proud of since it is the result of an almost two-year work.

nagy viktor pic1 OdooFace: Viktor Nagy nagy viktor pic2 OdooFace: Viktor Nagy