At the beginnig of the week we entered into a contract with BauTrans Kft.: under the terms of our agreement the entire Hungarian and international transportation will be transacted by the firm. The BauTrans GmbH was set up in  Lauterach in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg in 1972 and the Hungarian subsidiary company , the BauTrans Kft. was established in 1989. The firm has been a member of the FELBERMAYR group known as one of the largest freighter of Europe and  the biggest mobile crane and hydraulic lifting scafold fleet owner. Thanks to the investments of the parent company during the past few years the BauTrans Kft. became the market leader in the industry of oversized transportation. Every cargo, qualified as special because of its size or weight, can be transported with particular preparedness. As the freight of Odooproject has an overall size beyond 16,5m lenght and 2,5m width, the cargo is classified as oversized. But no time to worry, the BauTrans  Kft. is between the best in heavy load transport.

bautrans01 Transport Agreement signed with BauTrans Kft.

The hydraulic lifting scafold industry has also enjoyed a dynamic growth and the company has become a significant member of the market. During the assembly of Odoo, every craning task, required to move the house itself- except the ones done in Madrid- will be executed by the firm.

We are pleased to have BauTrans Kft. between our sponsors, and on behalf of the whole team we would like to thank them their support!

bautrans02 Transport Agreement signed with BauTrans Kft.