Second of March will be soon here, the first deadline of the project, since we have got the great news, that our team is among those 20 teams, who can participate in Solar Decathlon 2012.

Each working-group is really busy to do theirs best, to send in a successful first summary similar to our application package. We?re taking measurements, doing researches; popularize our project, looking for new team members.

For that reason, recently we have got the opportunity to hold a presentation on the second floor of BUTE?s Central Building. (We would like to say thank you again in this way for this great opportunity.)

dscf2521 Architect presentationOn this lecture our target group was architect students, but we welcomed everyone, who interested in our project. We were really happy to see so many students on the presentation, who heard curiously the speech of Adrian Auth and Balázs Zeitler. They have spoken about the architectural and economic challenges and opportunities of the Solar Decathlon competition

If we take into consideration, that this competition gives you the opportunity to work together with different people for one common goal, I think it?s fantastic. Because in order to successfully achieve our goals in the project, we need to develop the internal communication, that helps to hold the team members together and we have become a great team. I feel, we were successful in it.

Those, who couldn?t attend the lecture, don?t be sad, according to our plans it wasn?t the first and last time you can hear about us. We would like to continue this event and hold more presentations on the different faculties of the University.

For us, one of the best feedback and motivation, if we can draw up your attention about the competition and our project.

We are lucky, because after the lecture lots of architecture student interested in our project, and would like to strengthen our team. That?s why we write out an application, details are available on our blog. Unfortunately now we can involve only three candidates in the project. We hope that those who weren?t so lucky to be a part of our team for some reason won?t quail and follow us.

Nowadays we can hear so much even in the commercials a foreign phrase, so I close my thought with it as well:

Like us!


dscf2652 Architect presentation