On the ICREPQ 2012 – International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality Conference in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) Odooproject was also represented. Students, professors and researchers participated from many countries of the world and prestigious universities, from our part Gábor Ádám and Kristóf Baksai-Szabó presented their National Students’s Scientific Conference project about “Energy production estimating of photovoltaic systems” in the poster session.

The three-day conference’s the most popular topic was solar energy, including weather- and energy forecasting, energy storage, inverter efficiency, with photovoltaic solar collector cointegration. Some presentations dealt with low-voltage networks, power quality, wind power plants and electric cars.

As a finale worthy of the high level of the conference, participants went on a guided sightseeing tour in the city famous of its pilgrims.

icq 1 ICREPQ?12 conference


icq2 ICREPQ?12 conference


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