Ágnes Urbin

Student of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), 2nd year MSc degree, Mechatronic Engineer

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1. Why did you join the project?

Although I didn?t joined to the Odooproject from the very beginning; but I had the chance to see into the team?s life and work from the first steps. So far I have met during my studies with various themed and sized design tasks, but I haven?t seen yet from close such a huge-scaled project, as I would love to. There is a challenge in it, since the world most famous universities compare their skills. There is an ample space for design, because so many areas of expertise works together, we can help each other and everyone can leave her/his ordinary way and go further. Last but not least, the Madrid final is also tempting, where we can build the house, and see how our ideas and plans become reality. As a designer I couldn?t imagine a nicer reward.

2. What are you doing in the project right now?

Primarily I?m dealing with the lighting of the Odoo, the objective is to find and implement solutions, with which we can literally highlight the advantages of the house. Besides this mechatronic task, I take part in the design team, where our task is to plan the interior, especially the furnishing. We would like to design such things that are fits well into the space and to the environmental conscious message of the Odoo as well.

3. What do you expect from the future? What are you doing besides the project?

Later on, I would like to deal with similar innovative themes, so I expect from the future to never run out of questions. In addition, if I could wish three on professional level, one of my wish would be that I could participate in the life of a theatre on the technical side. Besides the project some MSc semesters ahead of me, in my free time I?m playing guitar, dancing and if I have the opportunity, travelling.

4. In your opinion, how will we participate in the competition? What do you think, what is the most difficult part of the project?

I have no doubt about the motivation, professional knowledge and adroit of the team members, I believe that we have the chance to finish in the forefront. Of course it doesn?t mean that we can sit and relax, and wait for certain results, there is a lot of work ahead of us. I think the hardest part of the project is the most exciting at the same time: to learn and handle this situation, where we not represent ourselves as individuals but we have to act as a team in the best possible way. We stepped on an unfamiliar way; on which if we are alone its likely to miss our way, but if we try to go together on this path and continue treading newer and newer paths, I?m sure that we will arrive in Madrid that we can be satisfied with our results.

5. What results and merits have you achieved during your studies, tell me about it.

Basically, I?m naturally curious; so far I?ve tried out myself in lots of different areas. I took part in an international design task, where the group work and coordination was the most instructive, in an engineer competition, where the solution of the task was the highest achievement. A space representation theme that initially started as a theory was awarded with the Special Award of the National Scientific Student Conference. Since then we present ? jointly with Brigi Szilágyi and Dani Lőrincz ? our results both on Hungarian and international conferences. Now we are thinking about the practical application of the theme. Overall, I don?t think that a project or competition list could be a merit, but those experiences that haven?t been seen in advance, but if I look back it would be a mistake to skip them.

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Urbin Ágnes

Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem másodéves MSc-s mechatronikai mérnök hallgatója


 1. Miért szálltál be a projektbe? 

Habár az OdooProjecthez nem a kezdetek kezdetén csatlakoztam, nagyjából az első lépésektől beleláthattam a csapat életébe, munkájába. Eddigi tanulmányaim során különböző témájú, méretű tervezési feladatokkal volt szerencsém találkozni, de ilyen kaliberű projektet eddig még nem láttam olyan közelről, amilyenről szerettem volna. Van benne kihívás, hiszen a versenyen a világ méltán híres egyetemeinek csapatai mérik össze tudásukat. Bőven van benne tér a tervezésnek, hiszen azáltal, hogy ennyi szakterület dolgozik együtt, segíteni tudunk egymásnak, így mindenki messzebb merészkedhet egy kicsit a saját megszokott útjától. Végül, de nem utolsó sorban persze csábító a madridi finálé, ahol meg is építhetjük a házat, és láthatjuk, ahogy az ötleteink, terveink valósággá válnak. Tervezőként ennél kevés szebb jutalmat tudok elképzelni.