Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. “Formula Student (FS) is Europe’s most established educational motorsport competition, run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Backed by industry and high profile engineers such as our Patron Ross Brawn OBE, the competition aims to inspire and develop enterprising and innovative young engineers. Universities from across the globe are challenged to design and build a single-seat racing car in order to compete in static and dynamic events, which demonstrate their understanding and test the performance of the vehicle.” Sounds familiar? frt kep 01 3,5 seconds to 100 km/h: managed by university students The world is full of competitions about research and innovation, and we don’t have to put a lot of effort into finding someone like us: The BME Formula Racing Team (BME FRT) was founded in 2007, they were just as motivated and talented young engineers like us on the Solar Decathlon Europe, when they started their project for their competition. At the beginning there were 18 talented students, but by now BME FRT is a group of one hundred members. They have been reaching better and higher results in the past five years, and since 2010 races are held in Hungary as well. Pop up question: When can we announce the Solar Decathlon Europe – Hungary? But don’t run forward, let’s roll a bit behind instead: last week this team invited their sponsors, the press, and our team for a testdrive. At the airport of Tököl (city close to Budapest) there were three of the cars: the oldest one called Justin from 2007, the most recent one called Maula from 2011 but a fully developed and tested version of it. Sustainability is everywhere, BME FRT started their electrical engine development in 2009, this time we could test the new eMaula from 2012, which is strange as a race car since it’s basically silent. In the next season the team will focus on eMaula, they’d like to reach serious results in the field of canadian pharmacies viagra cialis the electrical engined competition. kep frt 02 3,5 seconds to 100 km/h: managed by university students