Medium intensity of lemony yellow colour, herbal notes provide a pleasant spice character supported by the taste of grapefruit, green apple, and lemon. Légli Blanc 2011, wine of the Winery Légli,  is a light, dynamic, very food flexible and modern Riesling wine. The palate is overflowing with decadent taste sensations and the taste of citruses  continues on the palate almost indefinitely. Suggested on the everydays of Solar Decathlon.

Ottó Légli was awarded as “The Winemaker of the Year” by The Hungarian Wine Academy in 2010. Two years later, this summer, Ottó Légli supported Odooproject with 100 bottles of his great wine: the Légli Blanc of 2011. We celebrated ourselves with these wines after each prize we won, and we gave these as a gift to all the prominent guests we had, such as the Hungarian ambassador in Madrid, the CEO of Siemens of Spain and of Hungary, George von Habsburg, etc. Beside the ones were given as present, or were taken by the team we have some for the future: with the signatures of our memorable guests.

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photo: Ádám Szekér, Balázs Danyi