Dániel Lőrincz 

Student of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), BSc degree, Industrial product and design Engineer

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1. Why did you join the project?

At the beginning of the project Adrian asked me if I could help him to organize such a competition at our university. His initiative was sympathetic for several reasons so I said yes ? originally to the organization of a Solar Decathlon team, later when the project slowly started I was involved in planning. I liked the opportunity to take part in such a large scale project, where I can design real objects. All this in a setting, where we not only need to meet the industry?s expectations, but we can do experiments and work on real innovative solutions. In addition, it was particularly important to me that I can work with representatives of various professions; completely deliberated objects can be created. For me, as a designer it has always been important, because I?m sure that with only one means of technology such project but even a ?simple? design task cannot be successful.

2. What are you doing in the project right now?

Currently, I?m dedicating a smaller proportion of time to my profession; as one of the leaders of this project there is a lot to do around the organization and I?m also the leader of the interior design division. I work together with the architects on the house, because ? in such project ? we believe that the designer approach can help a lot in the understanding and to find solutions for architectural problems.

With the interior design team we mostly have helped in the architectural design and related tasks. Recently we have started the real work; currently we are working on several interesting projects, among which the most interesting to me is the test of the applicability of casein-based biopolymer. At this moment we are taking measurements in the topic and we will research, what materials can be substituted by it. In any case, I would like to use this material in the interior, long time ago I wanted to work with biopolymers, the design and industry are just getting to ? re? discover it, we can be pioneers in its application. In addition, now we are working on the lighting of the house, which also promises to be a very interesting task, both from technical and design perspective.

3. What do you expect from the future? What are you doing besides the project?

In the last semester I finished my BSc degree, now I?m planning a one year long break that will be filled by Solar Decathlon. I don?t know exactly what I will do after that. It is possible that I will follow my studies in Milan but it also possible that I stay at home and work. In any case, I would like to deal with design, innovation and innovation management. I hope that during this project a great company will be formed, who later can work on other projects as well ? at least that is my goal from the very beginning of the project.

Currently, I?m working as a freelance designer, but besides this project I cannot take up so many works, just as must, because I participate in several large and small projects in parallel. I?m working on the six vanishing point perspective that is a new spatial representation method and I?m dealing with my own-designed carton lamp?s market launch opportunities.

4. In your opinion, how will we participate in the competition? What do you think, what is the most difficult part of the project?

I?m sure that we will participate successfully in the competition, as the students and teachers are the best in their field of study; I think the team is a real ?world-team?. It looks like that the project?s financial problems will be managed so the house should succeed well. That this ?well? is enough for the competition is a good question. Before submitting our application, I said to everyone, if we get to the point that we assemble the application package, we will win the right to the participation. Now I say that if we finish the project, we will not only fulfil the competition, but we can be among the bests, I hope we can win. Of course, what we already achieved is a great result, but we owe for our university, the sponsors and us not to stop here.

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Most of my successful works are not in relation with my university studies, because in order to acquire my profession well, besides university I need to deal with it continuously. To complement my academic studies, I almost worked besides, I was dealing with own projects, so I?m already over some projects.

One of my favourite works is an exception, the above mentioned six vanishing point perspective that I?m currently working on with Ági Urbin and Brigi Szilágyi. Besides many other things, a year before we won the Bosch InPulse design competition with our rescue boat, its fantasy name is bun ? that was based on the InnovArt Ltd. and BME?s common competition announcement, however they didn?t like to deal with it, then in the following year we won the Best Design Award on the KOIZUMI lighting design competition.

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