Student of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), 3rd year in the traditional 5-year degree, Architect

1, Why did you join the project?

Since the beginning of my studies I?m interested in the environmentally conscious architectural thinking, because its existence is unquestionable. I attended several subjects in this topic and also wrote in this topic for the Scientific Student Conference. On one occasion I have had the opportunity to talk about it with the Dean of the Architecture Faculty, and then he drew my attention to the project. Earlier I have already read about the competition in ?green blogs? but it seemed a bit far away. Now it?s here, and it?s just up to us, what we make out of it?

2, What are you doing in the project right now?

Basically, I?m dealing with the building structures and the issues of building technology and try to be a link between planning and implementation. In addition, as my time allows I?m working on the logistics and sponsorship. I think the nature of the project requires team members, who are able and want to find work for themselves.

3, What do you expect from the future? What are you doing besides the project?

I find this project a wonderful opportunity, it?s a real-life task that fulfilment goes far beyond the academic studies. I think that the architectural design process is part of a process, what should be known well enough if somebody would like to be successful in his/her profession today. I want to be someone, who not only plans on paper.

Generally speaking about my weekdays, I?m constantly moving, studying, working, travelling and doing sports. The time is something that is here to take advantage of.

4, In your opinion, how will we participate in the competition? What do you think, what is the most difficult part of the project?

A lot of work behind us, but we need to constantly improve to ensure that we successfully fulfil our tasks. I think the team consists of talented and motivated people, who in order to the development of the project sometimes able to put themselves in the background.  With appropriate state, industry and academic background support, I think, we have the chance for a good result. It is difficult to combine everybody?s academic and personal life.  The organizational tasks, the coordination of individual disciplines take up a lot of energy, but it is a really instructive work.

5, What results and merits have you achieved during your studies, tell me about it.

Despite the fact that I?m interested in all areas of life, I decided early, what profession to choose. I think as an architect I can get to know the ideal wide cross-section of the world. During the university I have always tried to broaden my education in addition to my personal interest and improve my language skills at the same time. Soon, at the beginning of my second year I took a trip to the periphery of the industry; at the Electrical engineering Faculty I learned about solar cells and renewable energy, and also learned how to build a solar panel on my own. The result of this work was an English-language Scientific Student Conference paper about the architectural utilization of solar cells. As soon as it was possible I started to look for design contests with my friends, as they are created to solve real problems. Since last summer we have participated in two contests, and at the last time we could achieve a good place. As my time allows I like dealing with scientific work. Healthy body healthy mind; during my high school years I took part in athletics competitions, now I?m omnivorous, mostly I?m practising martial arts and doing strength training sessions.

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