The dual-oriented bachelor’s degree system “Public administration Brandenburg” is really a standard (internal) System for the state and nearby administration.At a glance.For the state of Brandenburg: July 16 to writing a research paper September 30 for the municipalities varies considerably.Study objectives.The dual-oriented bachelor’s degree program “Public administration Brandenburg” is known as a normal (internal) Program for the state and nearby administration. It includes an extraordinary breadth of legal, financial, administrative and social science teaching content material. By way of its scientific and practical orientation as well as the possibility of specializations within the depression phase, he qualifies students for use in all fields of upscale general administrative service. The study carried out in joint seminar groups (state and neighborhood) on a human scale (about 35 students).

Acquisition comprehensive experience, especially within the field of law, at the same time as standard expertise depth in essential scientific disciplines obtain accounting expertise to resolve technical issues in concentrate Public Law, Bescheid- and presentation technology, project management capabilities capability for independent information gathering and evaluation, evaluation and assessment capabilities, political understanding and benefits and targeted action Under the placements are in addition to the sensible application on the skills learned teamwork and cooperation expertise, buyer orientation and communication expertise in the foreground.

System structure and duration with the field open close variety.7 semesters, dual studies 5 instances theoretical semester at the UAS Wildau two semesters of specialist practice inside the distinct regions with the state and neighborhood government acquisition of profession qualification for the larger basic administrative services in Brandenburg.The study is based upon duality. The standard period is seven study mid-year and is divided in to the following sections:1. several scientific standard research (1st to 3rd study semester),2. professional sensible study periods I and II (4th academic semester),three. specialist studies sophisticated studies and elective research (5th along with the 1st half of the sixth half academic year)4. qualified practical study periods III and IV, bachelor’s thesis and oral exam (second half on the 6th study semester and seventh half academic year).open career opportunities variety close variety.all through the Brandenburg state administration in the nearby level within the county, city, municipal and ministry authorities and utility providers or own firms or personal businesses.

Right after a successful graduation and acceptance into employment, you can find good possibilities for development in the state and local administration. Workers within the upscale common administrative services form the fundamental framework within the public administration and take challenging and varied tasks at all levels accurate, for instance, Supervisory activities or approval, enforcement and advisory solutions for citizens / inside and firms. Also in central administrative regions for instance personnel, spending budget and organization come clerk / inside out accountable tasks implemented.graduates:For any a lot more detailed interrogation in the job database go right here for:Stellenticket TH Wildau -> Jobs -> Job Search.Providers:Do you offer vacancies or internships Then click here to inform your self about your alternatives than Recruiters on our access needs and application location close variety.Basic entry requirements.Entry specifications.Admission towards the plan is carried out exclusively by the respective setting authorities.When the state of Brandenburg, interested parties can / inside apply on the web in compliance using the respective tender deadlines.To the setting conditions in the neighborhood level, interested the city, the community or the workplace in Brandenburg can / inside towards the respective district, turn. The known TH Wildau setting authorities in the neighborhood level which can be expected to set Applicants / inside, could be discovered at: