In the past few months we attended several conferences, introduced Odooproject on presentations, and wrote many professional articles. By now, it was time to try something different: we had the chance to be the guests of two radio stations: first on June 3rd in the studio of “Lánchíd Rádió” (“Chain Bridge Radio”), which has been followed by an other radio programme  in the “Tilos Rádió”, a week later.  You can listen us from 16.50 here, in the  programme of  Tilos Radio, and the Odooproject can be listened here in the programme “Green Globe” of Lánchíd Radio.

Hereby, we’d like to thank for the possibilities to these radio stations, and we’d like to notify that we’re more than happy to present our project in any media, if you have some free time in your programme!
bme odooproject radio chain bridge 1024x764 Odooproject on air

bme odooproject radio tilos 1024x682 Odooproject on air