Next time officially at RENEXPO the international fair. The RENEXPO is an international exhibition and conference, which attracts thousands of visitors every year – we participated also last year. This year it will be held from 10 to 12 May at Hungexpo Fair Centre. The first two are days held or professionals, Sunday is called “public day” with free admission.
The RENEXPO this year focuses on the following topics:

  1.     Sustainable and decentralized energy production – renewable energy (bioenergy, solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal energy, cogeneration, energy from waste, energy)
  2.      Energy supply, energy distribution, energy storage (smart grid, smart metering, smart home, building autimatation)
  3.      Smart and energy efficient energy use (construction, renovation, and low-energy smart buildings, industrial processes, electric and alternative-powered vehicles and biofuels)

So, come and visit our booth in the pavilion F!

But, where you can meet much more decathletes, is the university office of us. As the deadline of submitting Deliverable # 5 is coming, many team-members forget about their final tests and studies and spend 10-12 hours a day by working on the plans, each followed by meetings and discussions. Our work at the weekend will be forwarded to the translators, so by the submission date, May 23 each part shall be neat and consistent. Enthusiasm is maintained by the encouraging words of team leaders and taking a glance at the motivational posters also helps.    : D

Photos: Balázs Danyi

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