With the support of the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK) the Pecha Kucha has been available in our country for more than 5 years now. This foundation gives opportunity to artists, designers and architects to present their work to the public. On the following Pecha Kucha Night (no. 27 it is!) on 22th March 8 pm at the Art Cinema Toldi also Odooproject will participate, we cordially invite you to the event! But what is this Pecha Kucha? On these chitty-chatty evening everyone can talk about his/her work or art in 20 images and every image is shown for 20 seconds (so altogether it’s 6 misn 40 secs). So on these lively evening we can learn about different artists and we won’t even bored for a moment! For the presenter it is a great challange to convince and get the audiance excited about their project in so quickly – we have alreagy started the preparations. For details and history click on the website of the Hungarian Pecha Kucha! vol27 banner 4 Pecha Kucha Night vol.27.