First from our region, students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) submitted a successful tender, which means we accomplished the terms of the competition. Currently our team has 50 student members, not only from the Faculty of Architecture but from other different faculties we accomplished. Our goal is to create an innovative solar building in which we apply our architectural and technical developments.
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Bigpic - The first encounter with the site

Bigpic – The first encounter with the site

On the first day we got to know the streets of Madrid, the scene of the competition, we discussed the following weeks schedule, and rested for the following day's construction.
Bigpic - Arriving to Madrid

Bigpic – Arriving to Madrid

The construction team has left to assemble the Odoo house at the Solar Decathlon competition in the following two weeks.
Bigpic - First official strength test!

Bigpic – First official strength test!

On February 23th we performed the first official, experimental test of the joints designed to the Odoo-house. During the experiment we studied 2 types of wooden joints.