First from our region, students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) submitted a successful tender, which means we accomplished the terms of the competition. Currently our team has 50 student members, not only from the Faculty of Architecture but from other different faculties we accomplished. Our goal is to create an innovative solar building in which we apply our architectural and technical developments.
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<!--:hu-->Nagykép - Üvegeztünk<!--:--><!--:en-->Bigpic- Placing the glazing<!--:--><!--:es-->Bigpic- Aplicamos los paneles de vidrio<!--:-->

<!–:hu–>Nagykép – Üvegeztünk<!–:–><!–:en–>Bigpic- Placing the glazing<!–:–><!–:es–>Bigpic- Aplicamos los paneles de vidrio<!–:–>

<!--:hu-->A műszakok folyamatosan váltják egymást és mi már üvegezünk!<!--:--><!--:en-->The shifts are constantly rotated and now we apply the glazed panels!<!--:--><!--:es-->Los cambios están en constante rotación y ahora aplicamos los paneles de vidrio!<!--:-->
Bigpic - Under construction...

Bigpic – Under construction…

As the days are passing by, our house is becoming more and more complete. It's only one week left for the Villa Solar public opening ceremony!
Odooproject in Madrid Episode #1

Odooproject in Madrid Episode #1

Here's a the first of the video series showing how we spend the time in Madrid. The first episode is about the first days: the flight, exploring the local cusine, sightseeing, preparation for the assembly works.
Bigpic - Solar Decathlon 2012 officially started

Bigpic – Solar Decathlon 2012 officially started

With the opening ceremony and early-evening party the Villa Solar is officially augurated. But before that we unloaded from the trucks, so we confirmed that all the elements of the Odoo-house arrived.
Bigpic - The first solar panel

Bigpic – The first solar panel

Today we 've amde a spectacural process in the assembly works: solar panels got installed during a long, late-night shift.
Bigpic - Crane works on Villa Solar

Bigpic – Crane works on Villa Solar

On Sutarday we made big progress in the assembly works: four modules were craned into their position, only the summer wall missing - shall arrive soon.
The bottom of the house

The bottom of the house

Finally we could be sure that our house still exists: Odoo arrived to Madrid
Audiovisual # 2

Audiovisual # 2

This is our Audiovisual #2 video sent with the Deliverable # 6. This video briefly tells basic information about our house, the Odoo; also features images from the building process. For English subtitle cllick on the ‘captions’ button! (Credits: Balázs Danyi és Bence Pásztor)
Bigpic - First day on the site

Bigpic – First day on the site

Our day is well documented, thanks to our photographer, enjoy our first day minute by minute!
Odoo competes for the Media Prize

Odoo competes for the Media Prize

We are eagerly waiting enthusiastic cheering groups to show up, who would make others cheer for us as well - Media Prize 2012
Bigpic - The first encounter with the site

Bigpic – The first encounter with the site

On the first day we got to know the streets of Madrid, the scene of the competition, we discussed the following weeks schedule, and rested for the following day's construction.
Bigpic - Arriving to Madrid

Bigpic – Arriving to Madrid

The construction team has left to assemble the Odoo house at the Solar Decathlon competition in the following two weeks.