The Students’ Scientific Conference 2012 was held on Wednesday, November 14, at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Many of us from the Odooproject team participated in the scientific competition and achieved good results, therefore we would  like to kindly give you a brief report about our team members’ achievements.

Zsófia Salát, Tamás Bajnok Nagy and Benedek Kiss team members, responsible for Structural Design were awarded 1st place in the Structures Section at the Faculty of Architecture. They also received the Special Rector’s Award. Their scientific paper is: “The structures of „Odoo” – Analysis of the first Hungarian house in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 competition”. The trio presented the structure of the „Odoo” house in their paper which has been designed by themselves. The structure has been evaluated on various criteria: structural design, construction and transportation. The paper also touched on how external factors influenced the design of the process of the supporting structure. It also showed that during the structural design, the pre-production, craning, transportation and assembly of the building in Madrid what kind of problems were encountered, and how those were resolved by them.

tartószerkezet1 „Odoo” successes at the Students Scientific Conference 2012

Katalin Bukta, also responsible team member for Structural Design, prepared her paper at the Department of Construction Technology and Management of the Faculty of Architecture. She submitted herewith her paper in a different topic from „Odoo”, namely: Kati wrote her paper about the plaster renovation of the historic buildings and the selection of renovation products along with another architect student, Péter Simon. The exact title of their paper is: ” Domestic market range of mortar and plaster binders for restoration of historical plastered surfaces.” They finished in 3rd place with a TÁMOP special prize in the Building Research Section.

címlap1 „Odoo” successes at the Students Scientific Conference 2012

Three members of our communications team, Orsolya Birtalan architect student, Boglárka Erdei and Anett Sóti communication and media studies masters students submitted their paper at the Department of Sociology and Communication of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. Their paper: “The Odooproject. Responsibility, Innovation sensitivity education, “science infotainment” was awarded a shared 1st place with another communications student in the Sociology and environmental communication Section. In their paper, the Odooproject’s communication action plan and its underlying scientific theories were presented. In addition to that, it was supplemented with their personal and new professional experiences gained during the Odooproject. The girls also hope that their work can help other project organizations with similar profiles start-up their communication work in the future. The girls presented the various forms of science and technical communication as well, their developmental milestones with a historical review and their current state and good practices.

komm1 „Odoo” successes at the Students Scientific Conference 2012

One of our photographers and construction team members Ádám Szekér also achieved a good result at the Faculty of Architecture. Announced by the Department of Urban Planning and Design in the  ”It could not see anything” competition he was awarded the 2nd place with his friend Marci Meszes in the Arts Building Section. Their paper is: Surveillance. More precisely, their scientific paper is about the view of Budapest with the help of surveillance cameras. Nowdays, by using the Internet, we can get information and orient ourselves more and more often from there. Thus, the more important cities and places develop a virtual face. The paper analyzes this sort of face of the city.

IMG 98651 „Odoo” successes at the Students Scientific Conference 2012

Virág Máthé, one of our always happy construction team members, with her little team was awarded the 1st place with their work Falerone Animato 2012 (with an additional TÁMOP special prize) in the Arts Section at the Drawing and Design Studies Department of the Faculty of Architecture. The story of their paper goes back to summer of 2012 when Virág made a video with her friends in a summer arts camp in Italy, Falerone. Later, in late summer time, early September, they thought they should take part with this feature in the conference. The video was cut into a lot of pieces and these were distributed among each other and after that everyone drew his/her parts (about 20 pieces per person). Then the drawn pictures have been “put together” by them so if they are on screen at rapid succession, we get a cartoon video, a movie about the city.

falcsop1 „Odoo” successes at the Students Scientific Conference 2012

Mátyás Jug won the third place in his section (Visual Arts) with his work titled “Reflections”: he visualized the acoustic reflection, the different boxes are made by different materials therefore they have different reflections for different soniferous actions, and we can have a completely new kind of experience by walking through the boxes. Can’t wait to experience in real life, as a life-sized exhibition!

jugmatyi tdk „Odoo” successes at the Students Scientific Conference 2012

Mátyás Jug, Reflections

These competitions and results have shown that there is life beyond the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 competition in Madrid, and that the authors are not resting. The knowledge that has accumulated in the process of the Odooproject has to find its own proper ways to be preserved, be available to others, be sustainable and reused, developed and applied.

On behalf of the whole Odooproject team we would like to congratulate to our team members for their good results in the Students’ Scientific Conference 2012! We are also happy with them together about their achievements. Beyond our team we also would like to congratulate to all of our classmates, friends, acquaintances, advisors and professors who were not regretting their free time in their busy academic everyday life and participated in this conference, and thus enhanced the reputation of the Technical University of Budapest. For those, who have been recommended for the next step, the National Students’ Scientific Conference by the evaluation committees, the Odooproject team wishes a good and pleasant preparation work until the competition in spring of 2013!