From the industrial hall, the way of Odoohouse leads directly to Madrid!
Finally we know the new location of Villa Solar 2012:it will be held in the Casa de Campo Park, which is the largest park of the city (and also one of Europe’s) with over 1.700 hectares.
This new location offers a fantastic view of Madrid’s Historic Skyline: having the Royal
Palace on the left side, and the Almudena Cathedral on the right.
The 20 houses will be built here in the beginning of September, and the competition-related and public events will last two weeks at this marvelous place.
The selection of the lots has already been completed, on the picture below you can match the sites with the teams. We’ll feel like if we were at home, in the Carpathian Basin, with the Romanian team next to us, but it’ll be a unique geopolitical situation having Spain and Japan as our northern neighbors.
We can’t wait to meet the teams we’ll be surrounded by, until then: road-trip planning must be started: we all know the destination!

lots 915x1024 We own 400 sqm of Madrid!

villasolar21 We own 400 sqm of Madrid!